Learning economics can be a challenge. Too many concepts are often applied in unrelatable contexts that have little meaning.  EconJourney is designed to use the power of story to help students learn how to take complex ideas and apply them in ways that will make them understandable and memorable.

The course is broken down into 12 stages. Each stage introduces the student to three important concepts. They encounter a challenge that must be overcome and writing prompts designed to help them think about how to use economics to gain insight into key events in their own life. Every four stages creates a chapter and their final story will combine all three chapters into one coherent whole where they become the hero of their own story.

By walking students through a logical thought process, it assists them in building associations between what appear to be a series of disconnected ideas. By having them apply these concepts within the context of a story line that they develop, they begin to see their applicability toward solving a problem that is meaningful to them. In turn, it empowers them to think about change and the power of narrative as both a thought process and a means of communicating ideas in an understandable and engaging way.

A story-based approach to learning economic principles creates an educational process connected with a student’s life and therefore is just one more extension of those daily activities that leads them to consider who they are and how they fit within the broader social fabric. The stories we tell about ourselves help us to establish a sense of self that can serve as the foundation for acquiring the knowledge and skills that lead to personal success both in the here and now as well as into the future.

Once you’ve got an account, you’ll work through the 12 stages of the journey. Read the materials, pass the challenges, and write each piece of your story. As you progress, new stages will be available to you from the home page and the sidebar. The general structure of the site looks like this:

EconJourney Structure