Get started by creating a user account using the password your instructor provided (choose register from the menu). If you would like to take the Journey and are not part of the class, you can email Scott Lemos and ask him for the password that will allow you to register and create an account.  

Once you are in, it is time to begin! You will begin by selected a role. You can choose between entrepreneur, activist or leader. Be careful which you choose because you will assume that role for your entire journey. At each stage you will be able to select from three attributes that are associated with your role. As you progress through the journey, you will earn a badge for each stage completed and you will learn more about the role you have selected.

Before starting the first stage of your journey, you will need to figure out what epic problem will form the foundation for your story and the journey that your character will undertake. It should be something larger than life and rooted in a problem related to scarcity. Not enough food, clean air, clean water are all good examples. It could also be something that is