EconJourney is the brain child of Neil Niman. The project began as part of a broader look at gamification and its application to higher education (Niman, Neil B. The Gamification of Higher Education. Palgrave Macmillian, 2014). Working closely with students and faculty in the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics at the University of New Hampshire, the website was developed and the teaching pedagogy refined. This most recent version of the EconJourney site moves the platform from WordPress to a full stand alone application that can be hosted on any html 5.0 server that supports MySQL. 

The content you see today was larger written by Lauren Matucci, Nicole Meyers and Neil Niman. The inspiration for the challenge story came from Rob Tischer and much refinement of the content and presentation can be attributed to the real classroom experience of Scott Lemos. The original site was designed and built by Debbie Hodge and has now been entrusted to the very capable hands of Mark Kelleher.